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   Example of Research
<NAND Flash Memory>
<Fe-NAND Flash Memory>
<SSD with Boost Converter>
  VLSI press release
"70% Read Margin Enhancement by VTH Mismatch Self-Repair in 6T-SRAM with Asymmetric Pass Gate Transistor by Zero Additional Cost, Post-Process, Local Electron Injection" "A 60% Higher Write Speed, 4.2Gbps, 24-Channel 3D-Solid State Drive (SSD) with NAND Flash Channel Number Detector and Intelligent Program-Voltage Booster"
  IMW press release
"Post-manufacturing, 17-times Acceptable Raw Bit Error Rate Enhancement, Dynamic Codeword Transition ECC Scheme for Highly Reliable Solid-State Drives, SSDs" "A 1.0V Power Supply, 9.5GByte/sec Write Speed, Single-Cell Self-Boost Program Scheme for Ferroelectric NAND Flash SSD"
"Low Power 3D-integrated Solid-State Drive (SSD) with Adaptive Voltage Generator"
  The University of Tokyo Press Conference
Fe-NAND Flash memory presented at Symposium on VLSI Circuits
Fe-NAND Flash Memory chip photo
  The University of Tokyo Press Conference
The new technology of Solid-State Drive (SSD): 3D and the new power supply system
The low-power consumption and the low-cost
3D-eco-SSD chip
  Bilateral Workshop on Nanoscale Systems in Munich
"Emerging Nanoscale Non-volatile Semiconductor Memories"
  Univ. of Tokyo-INRIA-Ecole des Mines Paris-INRETS Joint Symposium in Paris
"Solid-State Drive(SSD) and Memory System Innovation"

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