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Mar26, 09 Tanakamaru (B4) received the School of Engineering Dean's Award on behalf of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Ma.23, 09 Presentation; "3D LSI design for MEMS application" at Japan-Taiwan CMOS MEMS Workshop 2009 in Taiwan
Mar18, 09 Presentation; "A 20V boost converter-based adaptive voltage generator for a NAND flash SSD" at the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) General Conference 2009
Mar09, 09 Nikkei electronics featured 3D-integrated SSD in the March 9 issue (page 14-15).
Feb17, 09 The review paper appeared in the February issue of Material Stage.
"Low power consumption flash memory technology: 3D-integrated SSD (Solid-State Drive) system and Ferroelectric (Fe)-NAND flash memory"
Feb12, 09 Nikkei electronics Tech-On featured the comment on ISSCC flash memory session.
"High-capacity and low-power consumption technology are required for SSD application"
Feb12, 09 Professor Takeuchi held the press conference about 3D-SSD presented at ISSCC.
"The new technology of Solid-State Drive (SSD): 3D and the new power supply system
The low-power consumption and the low-cost"
IEEE Spectrum (Feb.9), The University of Tokyo Newspaper (Feb.10), The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Feb.10), The Chemical Daily (Feb.10), Tech-On (Feb.11), EE Times Japan (Feb.17), The Science News (Feb.20)
Feb10, 09 Presentation; "A 1.8V 30nJ Adaptive Program-Voltage (20V) Generator for 3D-Integrated NAND Flash SSD" at IEEE ISSCC in San Francisco.
Jan12, 09 Nikkei electronics in the Jan.12 issue feature the comment on ISSCC such as 3D-integrated LSIs presented by Takeuchi lab.
Feb08, 09 Professor Takeuchi serves as the organizer and the session chair on IEEE ISSCC Forum "Memory System Innovation with SSD and Emerging Memories" in San Francisco.
Jan21, 09 Presentation; Hatanaka(M1) makes a presentation of Fe-NAND flash memory at "Secure-life Electronics" symposium, Global COE, The University of Tokyo
Dec11, 08 Lecture; "Solid-state drive (SSD) and memory system innovation" at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan
Dec09, 08 Presentation;"All about SSD for users" at Memory System Symposium "Memory Technology for new mobile era" sponsored by Nikkei BP.
Dec05, 08 Lecture: "Achieve the Green IT by semiconductor memory technology of Japan" at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University
Dec01, 08 Presentation: "Circuit design technique for VLSI and MEMS modeling" at the first "MEMS design technique study from the standpoint of electrical equivalent circuit".
Nov26, 08 Nikkei electronics featured 3D-Integrated NAND Flash SSD presented at ISSCC.
Nov26, 08 Keynote Speech; "Current state and challenge of Flash Memory aiming for replacing HDD" at Technical Symposium "an exhaustive study of Flash Memory/SSD" sponsored by Electronic Journal
Nov.25, 08 Professor Takeuchi holds a press conference about IEEE ISSCC in the Nippon Keidanren Hall.
Oct.31, 08 Presentation; "Solid-State Drive(SSD) and Memory System Innovation" at Shanghai Jiao Tong University?University of Tokyo Joint Symposium on Electronics, Information Technology, and Electrical Engineering in Shanghai
Oct08, 08 Presentation; "Emerging 3D-Memory Device" at 2008 Taiwan & Japan Semiconductor Technology Forum in Taipei
Sep17, 08 Professor Takeuchi serves as the organizer in the presentation "Integration of semiconductor memory and peripheral systems" at the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Society Conference
Sep15, 08 Publication; "Technology Direction of Flash Memories and New SSD Application" in the September issue of Information Processing
Jul10, 08 Presentation; "Emerging Nanoscale Non-volatile Semiconductor Memories" at Bilateral Workshop on Nanoscale Systems in Munich
Jul07, 08 Presentation; "Solid-State Drive(SSD) and Memory System Innovation" at Univ. of Tokyo-INRIA-Ecole des Mines Paris-INRETS Joint Symposium in Paris
Jul03, 08 Foreign media such as Electronics weekly and Nanowerk featured Fe-NAND.
Jun 19, 08 Presentation; "Novel Co-design of NAND Flash Memory and NAND Flash Controller Circuits for sub-30nm Low-Power High-Speed Solid-State Drives (SSD)" at IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits.
May28, 08 Admission Fair
May 28 (Wed) 1:30PM at Hongo campus, May 31 (Sat.) 1:30PM at Komaba campus
Open laboratory
May 28 (Wed) 3:00PM at Hongo campus
May22, 08 Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Nikkei electronics featured Fe-NAND.
May22, 08 Press Release; Fe-NAND Flash Memory
10,000 times improvement in the number of rewrites by introducing Fe(Ferroelectric)-NAND Flash Memory.
May 21, 08 Presentation; Fe-NAND flash memory at IEEE NVSMW 2008
Apr21, 08 Publication; The paper concerning SSD(Solid-State Drive) in the April 21 issue of Nikkei electronics.
Apr.17, 08 Invited Talk; SSD(Solid-State Drive) and NAND flash memory
Panel discussion; the next generation memory technology
at Integrated Circuits and Devices(ICD) by the Institute of Electronics, information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
Mar. 08 Two presentations; three dimension LSI circuit at the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) General Conference 2008.
Feb03, 08 Invited Talk; Flash memory and SSD(Solid-State Drive) at IEEE ISSCC 2008.
Feb17, 08 Associate professor Takeuchi serves as the moderator on "Career design seminar for students in the science and technology majors - message from MBA holder graduated in science and technology.
Jan29, 08 "Secure-Life Electronics, Grobal COE, The University of Tokyo" to which Takeuchi lab. belongs is recruiting special duty associates and postdoctoral fellows.
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Jan29, 08 Our lab. set up a website

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